Trusting PayPal for Online Gambling


Long before other popular online payment portals joined the party, PayPal was already in use by thousands of Aussie online gamblers. This popular online payment platform allows users to make deposits or receive payments on third-party websites. If you are still nervous about using Internet banking to top up your account for online gambling, PayPal is perfect! Because the payments are not carried out directly from your bank account or credit card, sensitive personal and financial information will never be visible to the site that receives your payment.

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up to
AU $1000
2-3 Days
up to
AU $750
0-4 Days
up to
AU $1600
1-3 Days
up to
AU $350
2-4 Days
up to
AU $1000
1-5 Days

What Makes PayPal Great?

  • It is really quick and easy to use.
  • It's secure.
  • It will offer you the biggest bonuses.
  • PayPal transactions can also be used to make withdrawals from your gambling account.

While many other online payment options have sprung up in recent years, PayPal remains one of the most popular ways of sending and receiving money online, as it works with 25 different currencies in 180 countries, including Australia. We'll show you why on this page, with detailed information about the service's features and specific benefits to online gamers.

Once you've set up your PayPal account, it is easier to use than most other online payment methods. When making a deposit into your online gambling Australia account, simply choose PayPal as your payment method, enter the amount, fill in your PayPal username and password and it's done. PayPal is a leading name in online payments, and, therefore, takes security very seriously. In order to retain its European banking license, the payment provider's services have to meet very stringent security requirements, making it one of the safest e-wallets available.

You don't pay any transaction fees when making a PayPal payment. Online casino operators pay a set subscription fee to offer the payment solution, so players will never have to pay extra for easy payments.

Withdrawing your winnings from your online gambling casino account into your PayPal account works almost exactly the same way as making a deposit. Select withdraw from the casino cashier options, choose PayPal as the withdrawal method, enter the required fields and the money will arrive in your account within seconds.

When gambling online, Australian PayPal transactions can also be a great way to manage your finances and practise responsible online gambling. PayPal in Australia can be set up with a separate e-wallet for your gambling funds, so it will be easy to control how much you spend gambling online.

Not Accepted Everywhere


In order to maintain its immaculate reputation, PayPal is very particular about which online vendors it partners with. Some online casinos may not adhere to strict rules and regulations, and will, therefore, not be able to offer this payment option to online gamblers. While this might seem like a total pain, it makes our job (and your life) much easier! You see, we only recommend Australian online gambling sites that are PayPal friendly, which means they've got the best security systems in place to keep your cash safe. Of course, we also test all these sites to make sure that you will have no hassles when making deposits or withdrawals to and from your account, so you know you're in the clear. The many advantages it provides explains its popularity and PayPal online gambling in Australia has really taken off.

So top up that Australian PayPal account and explore our list of the top online casinos in Australia. With a bit of luck, you could soon be transferring those monster winnings back into your account!

PayPal FAQs

  • What is PayPal?
    Paypal is an online money transfer service, designed to make it easy to move money from one location to another electronically. It's fast and lightweight for just about anyone.
  • How does it work?
    PayPal users fund their accounts with real money from a bank. Once the money is in the PayPal account, it can be transferred to other locations around the Internet for use there instead. The money moves very quickly and can be withdrawn out from a PayPal account to a bank account easily.
  • Do they allow online gambling transactions?
    Yes, PayPal is fine with online gambling transactions as long as online gambling is legal in the country that you live in. In the case of Australians, PayPal makes it easy to complete gambling transactions with the service.
  • How quick are payments?
    Deposits happen nearly instantly, and most withdrawals take just a day or two to complete fully. This makes it easy to move money around where you want it to be.
  • How do they compare with other methods?
    PayPal is faster than many other eWallet services as well as credit cards and bank transfers. It's easy to join and more secure than some payment solutions like a bank transfer.
  • Do I have to pay fees?
    Yes, you will pay small fees when sending money to your PayPal account after gambling .These fees are quite minor and won't be too big of a deal when you pull money out of your account. They're smaller than fees charged by many credit cards, and they are smaller than fees charged for e-Cheques and other services like that.
  • Is it safe to use?
    Yes, PayPal is very safe to use. It helps separate your gambling money from the rest of your money, and is very quick and easy to gain access to.
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