Looking at Online Gambling from a Legal Perspective


Gambling has been legal in Australia since 1973. However, recent changes in legislation have brought up many questions around the legality of online gambling and mobile casinos. While Aussies used to embrace online gambling as a fun way to spend time and possibly win some cash, fears about accidentally breaking the law and landing in hot water dampened the spirit with which they undertook these activities.

As avid online gamblers, we've been following the legal developments around gambling in Australia for decades. And since we're law-abiding citizens just like you, we've found the best places where you can enjoy online gambling in Australia without having to worry about getting into a legal pickle.

It's no secret that Australians love gambling. In fact, following the legalisation of Pokies in 1956, the popularity of these machines grew to the point where 10% of the adult population in New South Wales (where they were first introduced) played at least once a week. Land-based casinos were also drawing in the crowds, offering a welcome break from everyday life in the form of Slots and other popular casino games. Gambling became a part of life in Australia, and local governments benefited from the steady revenue stream these casinos brought in.

As the 21st century rolled around, the rise of the Internet had made online gambling easier and more accessible than ever, and soon players started logging more and more hours, and spending increasing amounts of money, at online casinos. Despite the many positive aspects of gambling, the industry received some fierce opposition from lawmakers and politicians who believed the national preoccupation with gambling was getting out of hand. Problem gambling (also known as gambling addiction) was on the rise, and there was a call for our government to review laws and tighten regulations in order to protect people at risk. And so, in 2001, the Interactive Gambling Act was passed. Aimed at discouraging problem gambling tendencies amongst Australians, the Act states that:

  • Online casinos in Australia are not allowed to offer real money games to players in Australia
  • Online casinos are strictly prohibited from advertising real money interactive games to Australians.

As you can see, there is nothing in the Act that stops you, the Aussie online gambler, from playing at a real money casino that is based outside our country. And, since all the online casinos featured on are based in jurisdictions where gambling is completely legal, you won't risk getting into trouble for playing.

The act simply prevents online casinos in Australia from offering and advertising their service to those who live within our borders. If caught, these operators will be fined based on the nature of their transgression/s, as determined by the IGA. And what happens if you accidentally play at an online casino that is based in Oz? Well the IGA favours players, so again the casino will have to cough up, while you'll get away scot-free!

Still not convinced it's all legit? At, we encourage responsible online gambling, and that includes only playing at legal, trusted, responsible sites. That is why we have taken time and care to ensure that all casinos on our site are legit, certified and verified, so players are never placed in a position where they might accidentally break the law.

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