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There's nothing like the rush you get watching a Roulette wheel spin. Just placing your bets, trying to guess where the ball will land and anxiously awaiting the stop of the spin. It's a definitive part of the casino experience, and one which is not in the least diminished by its transfer to the online casino realm.

If you're choosing what to play for online gambling, Australian Roulette offers all the excitement and suspense of playing in a real life casino. There's the same placing of bets, the same breathless watching of the wheel, the same joy and happiness when you win real big money! Enjoying your Australia gambling and online Roulette in particular, at one of our top casinos. They offer real money rewards in real time, so all you need is to sit back and wait for that wheel to stop spinning!

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up to
AU $1000
2-3 Days
up to
AU $750
0-4 Days
up to
AU $1600
1-3 Days
up to
AU $350
2-4 Days
up to
AU $1000
1-5 Days

The Sites we List are Checked and Tested

  • All the excitement of real life casino gaming from the comfort of your own home
  • Play the top online casinos in Australia with online Roulette, all tried, tested and reviewed according to our stringent specifications
  • Real money gameplay, with winnings paid directly into your online casino account
  • All Australian Roulette sites recommended by are certified to be using legitimate and trusted Random Number Generator software
  • The absolute best online Roulette gambling in Australia
  • Try out the live dealer version of the game too

How Does Online Roulette Work for Australian Gamblers?

Online Roulette

Online Roulette, and the real life version, is a very simple casino game, perfect for those wanting to dip their heels into the water of online casino gambling, or those loyal Roulette fans who just can't get enough of watching that old wheel spin. In a nutshell, the game has two main pieces of equipment - the wheel and the table. A Roulette wheel contains 36 different slots, usually alternated in the colours red and black, and numbered 1 - 36. American Roulette wheels contain one additional slot, numbered 00. Real money is won by placing a bet on where you think a ball in the wheel will land.

Online gambling fans in Australia enjoy two options with casino Roulette. You can place either 'inside bets,' in which you need to correctly predict the exact number on which the ball in the wheel will land, or outside bets, in which you can bet on a far wider range of factors, including whether the result will be an odd or even number, or the colour of the block in which the ball comes to rest. Inside bets offer a much higher real money payout in online gambling Roulette, but outside bets offer a higher chance of winning, although the real money rewards are somewhat lower. It's up to you how you want to place your bet. With the best in online Roulette gambling that Australia has to offer, you can't really lose!

Online Roulette played on a site recommended by is a great way to start your betting adventures. In online gambling Roulette, the gameplay is simple and straightforward, the wheels spin oh-so-fast, and there's real cash money rewards to be had! Because all of our online Roulette gambling in Australia utilises trusted and reputable Random Number Generator software, you can be assured that your online wheel spins smoothly and legitimately. Online casino gambling is a great way to spend a few minutes, or hours, at your favourite online Australian gambling casino!

Roulette FAQs

  • Is online roulette legal?
    Yes, online roulette is legal in Australia. If you would like to try roulette online, you can do so on your computer without worrying about getting in any trouble.
  • Where can I play?
    You can play roulette online at any foreign casino that offers the game. There are plenty of online casinos from other countries that make roulette available, and it's likely that you'll have several different types to pick and choose from. Australian casinos can't offer online roulette, because it is illegal for them to do so, even if it isn't illegal for you to play them.
  • How is it different to regular roulette?
    Online roulette works just the same as standard roulette. The dealer spins a wheel and places a ball on it, and you win or lose depending on where that ball lands. There are just a few key differences. There is no actual ball or wheel and it is all virtual. Games typically go faster than they would in real life, and you don't have other people around you placing bets. It's also possible to bet on multiple wheels at the same time when playing online roulette.
  • Is it popular in Australia?
    Roulette is incredibly popular in Australia and most casino-goers have tried the game at least one time. It's an iconic part of any offline or online casino, and is expected at every location.
  • How much is it possible to win?
    It's possible to win hundreds of thousands of dollars while playing roulette, but only while making huge bets. Some casinos have higher betting caps than others, so it's important to check these limitations before you join a site if that is something you're concerned with.
  • Should I use a strategy?
    No, there is an equal chance that you'll win or lose with every game of roulette that you play. Casinos also have special rules in place to keep most common strategies from working. For those reasons, there isn't much point in using a strategy and you'll win if you get lucky and lose if you don't.
  • Are the games rigged?
    No, they are not. Roulette games aren't rigged, there is just a slightly greater chance that the casino will win money instead of you. That's known as the house edge, and it's caused by the 0 and 00 spaces on the wheel. That's why it's best to play European roulette, because the 00 space does not exist and the house edge is halved.
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