Using Neteller for Online Gambling in Australia

Neteller has been around for more than 20 years, and is trusted by many in the Australian online gambling community for a very good reason. Neteller provides a secure, easy way of doing banking at casino sites online, and has a well-deserved reputation as one of the most convenient online payment methods in the gambling world. There are some great features and benefits for gamers who make Neteller deposits.

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up to
AU $1000
2-3 Days
up to
AU $750
0-4 Days
up to
AU $1600
1-3 Days
up to
AU $350
2-4 Days
up to
AU $1000
1-5 Days

How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, Neteller is an online payment portal that allows you to make payments at a range of different sites online, without having to divulge any personal or financial information. In theory, it's a bit like a bank that operates on the Internet, but without the monthly account and other fees. Creating an account is absolutely free, and transferring money into and out of this account won't cost you a cent. If you are a bit nervous about linking your personal and financial information to an online casino, online gambling Neteller payments are definitely worth a shot.

Neteller is Quick, Easy and Anonymous


In order to get started, you'll need go to and create your free account. Now you can transfer money into your online wallet by using your credit or debit card, or online bank account. If you prefer to leave your bank out of this completely, you can even top up your account with a pre-paid voucher. Once you have money in your e-wallet, you can deposit money into any of the online casinos we have selected for you. Simply visit the casino cashier on your chosen site and select Neteller as your payment method. Enter the amount of Australian Dollars you wish to deposit and submit your transaction. Within seconds, the deposited amount will appear in your online gambling account and you are ready to start playing!

Using Neteller for Online Gambling

Not only is online Neteller gambling in Australia friendly, it's also a tried and trusted online payment method with several advantages that make it one of our best recommendations for online gamblers.

  • It is free to open a Neteller account that can be used for any payments on the Internet, not only for your favourite online casinos.
  • With Neteller's Reward Points Program, you earn points every time you move money in or out of your account. These points can later be redeemed for cash!
  • Once you have a Neteller account, you can even apply for a debit card, which carries no annual, monthly or dormancy fees. This card allows you to transfer your winnings from your gambling account into your Neteller e-wallet, and withdraw it in cash from any ATM in Australia!
  • You can even receive special bonuses when depositing with Neteller since the web wallet is very popular in the online gambling industry, especially in Australia.
  • Many Aussie gamblers also use Neteller to help them control their online gambling budget, because it is easy to keep track of how much you are spending and there is no credit involved. Once your Neteller e-wallet is empty, your game is over! You can always add more funds and also withdraw money from the casino to the Neteller account and then straight into your bank account.

If you, like many online gambling enthusiasts in Australia, have been frustrated by obstacles when trying to deposit money into an online casino account, it's high time you gave gambling online Neteller deposits a go. And, since we all know some banking methods don't work at all Australian gambling sites, we've tested every site to make sure you will have no issues if you want to use Neteller for online gambling.

Neteller FAQs

  • What is Neteller?
    Neteller is an online money transfer service. It's used to move money from a bank account to another person on the Internet. It can be used to send money around the world if desired.
  • How does it work?
    Users transfer money from their bank account to the Neteller account, and then money is sent from one Neteller account to another to complete transactions. This is a simple way to fund a casino account or anything else around the internet.
  • Do they allow online gambling transactions?
    Yes, Neteller works just fine for online gambling transactions and is allowed at many online casinos around the world. The service is quick and easy to use after you have a funded account with which you want to use to pay.
  • How quick are payments?
    Once money is in your Neteller account, payments are nearly instantaneous. It's easy to deposit money into your account or take it back out with a quick withdrawal.
  • How do they compare with other methods?
    Neteller is a fast and safe method to use to make deposits and withdrawals to and from a casino. It's faster than most credit cards, and just as safe as them. Neteller is considerably faster than bank transfers.
  • Do I have to pay fees?
    Yes, there are minor fees when withdrawing money to Neteller from the casino. This isn't a big deal though and the fees are very minor compared to the fees charged for some other services.
  • Is it safe to use?
    Yes, Neteller is very safe to use and will only ever put the money you want to gamble with at risk. As long as you are careful about submitting your money to the Neteller account, there is no reason to fear.
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