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Like Visa, MasterCard is a household name, recognised and trusted by millions of Aussies and online gamblers all over the world. Known for providing fast and secure transactions, as well as and gamers enjoy financial and other special benefits for using the payment at casinos online.

  • Security and trustworthiness are at the top of the priority list for MasterCard
  • Payouts through MasterCard are always fast and reliable
  • MasterCard gambling allows you to pick up the best bonuses

On this page we take you through these benefits, as well as the process for making MasterCard deposits at an online casino.

As with all credit cards, the most important features to take note of, of course, are interest rates and annual fees.

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up to
AU $1000
2-3 Days
up to
AU $750
0-4 Days
up to
AU $1600
1-3 Days
up to
AU $350
2-4 Days
up to
AU $1000
1-5 Days

Online Gambling Offers:

  • Convenience: for satisfactory online MasterCard gambling, gamers in Australia have to have their payments accepted and processed without any complications or red tape.
  • Limits: The online gambling sites on our list generally have high deposit and withdrawal limits between your online casino account and your Australian MasterCard.
  • Security: We expect only the very best in online security on all the sites we recommend, in order to ensure your MasterCard and personal information remains safe.
  • Reasonable Charges: We steer well clear of sites that have sneaky hidden fees, and feature only the ones that charge very nominal fees for MasterCard deposits.
  • Speed: While withdrawals typically take slightly longer to process than deposits, we've timed both types of MasterCard transactions and give preference to sites that fast-track payment processing.
  • Variety: All casinos you'll find on offer a variety of online payment options, because we know not all payment methods work in Australia.

MasterCard mastered the online payment and withdrawal thing ages ago. Online gambling in Australia with MasterCard is easy, quick and safe. All you need to do is:

  1. Choose your favourite online gambling place from our list of top Australian casinos and have your MasterCard handy
  2. Open an account and choose MasterCard as your preferred payment method
  3. Enter all the details on the front of your card, along with the 3-digit security code on the back
  4. Specify how much money you wish to transfer and submit the transaction for approval
Mastercard payment

The money will be transferred into your online gambling account instantly and, as they say, Bob's your uncle! Even better, the online casino system will also save your card details to speed up your MasterCard deposits in future. Australia casino banking for you will be even quicker next time around.

The only instance where you might have some trouble at a featured online gambling site is when the bank that issued your card has placed a restriction on it. Every bank is well within their rights to do so, and MasterCard has no control over what your bank does and does not allow you to do with your card. If this happens, try another card, or speak to your bank to find out what the issue is.

Hassle-free Gambling at your Fingertips

Not all payment methods are always accepted at online gambling Australia sites, but if you stick with the ones featured on, you're all set for smooth sailing. We literally tested every single site to see how it handles online gambling MasterCard payments at the cashier in Australia, and only those that passed with flying colours made our top pick!

As a result, you can safely opt for the banking method by just clicking on the MasterCard logo in the cashier and choosing between credit cards and credit cards. Your deposit will be processed instantly thanks to the very fast system used by the casinos and you can start gambling online for real money straight away.

MasterCard FAQs

  • Can I use MasterCard for online gambling?
    Yes, you can use MasterCard for online gambling. A MasterCard will work in most online casinos around the world, making it easy for you to find a place to play.
  • How quick are transfers?
    When using a MasterCard, most of your deposits will happen within an hour after you make them. Withdrawals tend to take a few days though, so you have to be prepared to wait through that period.
  • Are fees involved?
    There are sometimes fees for withdrawing money out of the casino to your MasterCard, make sure that you understand the fees you are being charged before you pay them. They are generally quite small and not a big deal to handle.
  • How does it compare with other credit cards?
    MasterCard is widely accepted and arguably easier to start using to play online than a Visa card is. That doesn't mean that you can't use Visa, but it does mean that you'll have to work a bit harder if you do.
  • Is it a safe form of payment?
    Yes, a MasterCard is a highly safe form of payment because most of these cards are backed by a guarantee of some sort. That means you are protected against fraudulent charges. Using a MasterCard can help protect you while you play.
  • Is it recommended?
    Yes, a MasterCard is highly recommended for players that are serious about gambling and getting started as soon as possible.
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