Security Systems for Safeguarding your Money and your Online Identity


Since online gambling, amongst many other things, is made possible through the Internet, you'll probably agree that the Net is quite a fun place to be. Unfortunately, cyber criminals also agree that the World Wide Web is a great place for catching unsuspecting victims, and online phishing scams, fraud and identity theft are becoming common concerns for Australian Internet users.

If this concern has been keeping you from enjoying some online gambling at your favourite online casinos, we've got great news! Every single one of the sites we feature on has been tested and verified by us, and is 100% legal, safe and secure. We know this because we've compiled our own online casino security checklist, asking important questions, such as:

  1. Is the online casino licensed in a recognised jurisdiction?

    Playing at an unlicensed casino not only increases your chances of being cheated out of your cash, it also puts your online safety at risk. If an online casino doesn't have its licensing details published on the site, steer clear!

  2. Is the online casino subjected to regular audits by independent regulatory bodies?

    Online casinos undergo regular audits and testing in order to ensure they meet the security standards set by international gambling bodies. Failure to meet these requirements will result in their licenses being revoked, which means they're scratched from our database immediately.

  3. Does the online casino employ sophisticated encryption software to ensure the safety of your personal and banking details?

    Trusted online casinos are required to make use of sophisticated security methods including Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which encrypts data before transmitting it form one device to another. No encryption means no protection, and therefore, no online gambling!

  4. Do all the games in the online casino make use of Random Number Generators to ensure fairness?

    The only way to ensure absolute fairness in an online casino is through the use of complex Random Number Generators (RNGs). RNGs also undergo regular testing and reputable online casinos will always make the details of these RNGs available to their players.


As you can see, things have changed quite a bit since online casinos became part of a regulated industry. In the past, players had to worry about all kinds of things, from the fairness of games to the safety of their cash. Nowadays strict rules, regulations and regular audits, overseen by independent agencies, ensure that all operations are 100% above board.

Besides, online casinos rely on satisfied customers to keep them in business, and any user who falls victim to fraud or data theft will most definitely be an unhappy customer. Therefore, any online casino without these basic security safeguards in place is quite obviously an unreliable operation that should not be trusted.

Rest assured, when you gamble at any of the online casinos we've featured here, we guarantee:

  • Your personal and banking information will never be shared
  • You won't be cheated out of your cash

We love online gambling, and want to ensure that everyone who starts his or her online gambling journey at can look forward to a long, fun and fruitful road ahead. In order to achieve this, we've set the bar really high for all online casinos, and we don't intend to drop our standards to suit sub-par operators. That's why you can sign up to play at any of our trusted casinos without ever having to worry about your online safety!

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