Find the Best Bonuses and Freebies to Fund your Online Gambling Fun

Bonus Guide

Online casinos are a dime a dozen these days, and in order to remain relevant, casinos rely on customer acquisition and retention strategies that include bonuses and rewards.

What are casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses are basically incentives for signing up and gambling at a casino online. Online casino operators understand that there are thousands of different sites out there, all basically offering the same type of service and experience. They therefore make use of bonuses and rewards to gain new players and retain current customers.

Online casino bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, and having a basic understanding of them will allow you to unlock the best bonuses currently on offer. Let's break down the most important bonuses.

No deposit bonus
No deposit bonus:

This type of bonus is usually offered to online gamblers when they sign up to play at a new casino for the very first time. Since this bonus requires no actual deposit from the player, it's most likely to be a playable bonus in the form of a few free rounds or spins on the Slots.

Match bonus
Match bonus:

Once you're ready to start depositing money into a new online casino account, you're eligible for earning a percentage of your initial deposit back in the form of a match bonus. These bonuses may be playable or cashable, and can range in value from 50% of your initial deposit to 500% at some online casinos. The standard offer is of 100% up to a few hundred dollars.

Loyalty bonuses
Loyalty bonuses:

Leading online casinos have reward programs which can generate bonuses based on how much you bet on the games. These come in different forms and are represented by free comp points generated from wagers which can be exchanged for cash, special bonuses for reaching certain levels in the program and more.

Referral bonus
Referral bonus:

Online gambling is always more fun when you get to play with friends. Online casinos know this, and understand the importance of word of mouth marketing through fellow gamblers. If you find yourself at an online casino you really love, be sure to check if they offer rewards for referrals then bring all your buddies on board!

To cash out or play on? - That is the question

Cash out

When browsing online sites for casino bonuses, it's very important for you understand the difference between cashable and playable bonuses. Playable bonuses are usually much more generous than cashable bonuses, however, they have a number of restrictions attached to them.

Cashable bonuses are bonuses that may be cashed out by the player at any time, as long as certain conditions have been met. These bonuses will be added to your casino account in the form of real Australian Dollars, and may be used by you at any time, for any game, or withdrawn along with your other winnings.

Since the main motivation for offering bonuses is to retain players and encourage them to gamble more on a specific site, playable bonuses are much more common. Instead of actual cash in your casino account, playable bonuses are credits used to play a game in an online casino, and as such can never be cashed out. While this might seem a bit like a waste of time, it's actually a fantastic, risk-free way to get started, since any money that you do win playing with these credits is yours to do with as you please. So while you may not be able to trade your 3 free spins for a set amount of cash, one of those spins might lead to a win, and some actual money in your online casino account.

Wagering requirements are imposed on the majority of bonuses. This means that in order to withdraw the bonus money from your account, you must first use it to bet on the games several times. Once the set requirements are met, the playable bonus amount becomes cashable and can be used to either bet more or withdraw at any time. The actual requirement is usually stated in the Terms and Conditions of the bonus offer.

We know some of the bonuses offered by online casinos can be a little confusing. That is why we've asked our team of experts to select only the best, based on their own personal experience. All the sites featured on have a range of competitive bonuses aimed at Australian players, so you can sign up and start playing without worrying about being bamboozled out of your bonus.

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